Preparation for the contribution: Talks
The allotted time
Plenary Sessions
Overview: 40 minutes (including 10 minutes for discussion)
Oral: 30 minutes (including 10 minuets for discussion)
Working Group Sessions
Overview: 30 minutes (including 10 minutes for discussion)
Oral: 25 minutes (including 7 minutes for discussion)

PLEASE not exceed the allotted time for smooth conference proceedings. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Attention to the oral speakers
The conference computers (Windows and Mac) are available. However, we advise you to bring your own laptop computer as a backup. Please make your presentation in PPT or PDF format.

All oral speakers in the plenary (PLI, PLII) and working group sessions (A, B, C, D) except for overview (OV) speakers are requested to give a poster. Sometime we have to stop the important at your excellent oral presentations because of the time limitation, although the discussion is very important part of this meeting. The additional presentations in the poster session give us a good opportunity to continue the discussion, which you could not finish in your talk.

Preparation for the contribution: Posters
The poster board is 1.2 m (width) x 1.8 m (height).
The time for the poster session is 2 hours.