The 2011 Asia-Pacific Transport Working group conference will be held at the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS), 322-6 Oroshi-cho, Toki-shi, Gifu, 509-5292, Japan.
 There has been no damage of earthquake in Gifu area and at the Central Japan International Airport (Chubu Airport), which is the nearest airport to NIFS. Please refer to their web site for additional information.

Please refer to the local map around NIFS.

Oustat International Hotel Tajimi
 APTWG2011 has obtained a block of reserved rooms for participants of the meeting at Oustat International Hotel Tajimi (Oustat hotel). Free Shuttle bus service between Oustat hotel and NIFS will be operated during APTWG. Discounted rate (6,000JPY/night for a single room with breakfast) is available for participants in APTWG2011.
 Please send the hotel_reservation_request_form.doc directly to Oustat hotel via e-mail (Please do not try to make a reservation through the internet with the Web page below).

Oustat International Hotel Tajimi
Hakusantyo4-14-1, Tajimi, 507-0038 Japan
Web page:
 If you need additional assistance, please contact LOC of APTWG2011.

Shuttle bus operation plan for participants in 1st APTWG 2011

14 June
8:30(Oustat Hotel)  >> 8:50(NIFS)
17:20(NIFS) >> 17:40(Oustat Hotel) # 2 buses

Banquet at Oustat hotel
20:30(Oustat Hotel) >> 20:35(Tajimi Station) >>  20:50(NIFS) # 2 buses

15 June
8:30(Oustat Hotel)  > 8:50(NIFS)
18:35(NIFS) >> 18:55(Oustat Hotel)

16 June
8:30(Oustat Hotel) >>> 8:50(NIFS)
18:20(NIFS) >> 18:40(Oustat Hotel)

17 June
8:30(Oustat Hotel)  >> 8:50(NIFS)
12:00(NIFS) >> 12:20(Oustat Hotel)
15:15(NIFS) >> 15:35(Oustat Hotel)

Guest House
 The NIFS guest house "HELICON CLUB (without restaurant) " is also available.
 When you want to stay at HELICON CLUB, please send an e-mail to
with following information;
A) Name:
B) Affiliation:
C) Check-in date:
D) Check-out date:
E) Room-type (Single/Twin):
Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail within a few days.
When you need additional assistance, please contact LOC of APTWG2011.