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2018.6.18 The First Experimental Discovery in the World of the Propagation of Plasma Turbulence: Results of Japan-United States Joint Research (Article Published in the American scientific journal Physical Review Letters)
2018.3.1 A New Discovery that Makes Possible Prediction Immediately Before Plasma Loss:Contributions to the Prediction of Volcanic Eruptions and Other Sudden Phenomena
2017.8.7 Success in Enhancing Performance of the Cryogenic Adsorption Pump Used in the Divertor: Making Possible the Effective Evacuation by Installing in the Vacuum Vessel
2017.7.10 Ion Temperature of One Hundred Million Degrees Achieved:Important Progress toward Feasibility of Helical Plasma Fusion
2017.4.24 Clarifying the Mechanism for Suppressing Turbulence through Ion Mass: Theoretical Research Develops Significantly towards Improved Performance in Fusion Plasmas
2016.12.21 Calculating One Billion Plasma Particles in a Supercomputer: Clarifying the Movements of a Plasma Blob at the Particle Level
2016.12.9 Clarifying the Behaviors of Negative Hydrogen Ions: First Measurement of the Flow Reversal of Negative Ions
2016.11.25 The Fusion Reactor that Employs a Liquid Metal Shower:An Idea for a New High-Performance Heat-Receiving Device
2016.11.24 Clarifying the Plasma Oscillation by High-energy Particles: Developing New Simulation Methods
2016.11.14 First Observations in the World of Tongue Deformation of Plasma Based upon the Artsimovich Prediction: Challenging a Plasma Riddle Fifty Years Old
2016.11.2 Establishing an Advanced Bonding Technique for Tungsten and Copper Alloys:Success in Fabricating a Small-scale Divertor Mock-up with Excellent Heat Removal Capability
2016.10.4 Large volumes of data from ITER successfully transferred to Japan at unprecedented speeds -Major advances in the technical groundwork for remote experiments from Japan, 10,000 km away from ITER-
2016.8.4 Clarifying the Fusion Plasma Confinement Improvement Mechanism:A Riddle Not Solved for Thirty Years
2016.7.29 The Discovery of New Emission Lines from Highly Charged Heavy Ions: Constructing an Experimental Database of Extreme Ultraviolet Spectra
2016.1.12 Abrupt Excitation Phenomenon in High-temperature Plasma The Discovery of Phenomena and Prospects from Theory
2015.11.16 Accelerating Fusion Research through the Cutting Edge Supercomputer: Difference of Particles Species Suppresses Plasma Turbulence
2015.11.11 Discovery of a New Confinement State for Plasma: The Result of a Japan-America Joint Research
2015.9.30 A Two-dimensional Microwave Camera Has Been Developed: Anticipating Applications for Safe Passage through Dense Fog, Underground Exploration, and Non-destructive Investigation
2015.5.22 Developing an Electron Density Diagnostic Method for Atmospheric-Pressure Low-temperature Plasma for Environmental Protection and Medical and Biological Uses: Applying Results of Fusion Plasma Research
2015.4.8 Plasma Flow Damping Observed Due to Stochastization of the Magnetic Field -Discovery of a New Mechanism to Stop Flow in Plasma-
2014.7.25 Magnets for Fusion Energy: A Revolutionary Manufacturing Method Developed -High-temperature Superconductor Achieves New World Record for Electrical Current-