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Department of Engineering Technical Services

The Department of Engineering and Technical Services is involved in myriad types of work in the design, fabrication, construction, and operation of experimental devices in the fields of software and hardware.

This department is composed of engineers whose tasks fall under these five goals:

  1. To develop advanced and systematic engineering capabilities founded upon fundamental engineering results obtained thus far.
  2. To educate excellent engineers with responsible guidance.
  3. To cultivate creative engineering abilities.
  4. To improve the documentation of engineering knowledge and the transfer of that knowledge to the next generation.
  5. To perform tasks with systematic responsibility.

The department consists of the following five divisions. The Fabrication Technology Division concentrates on the construction of small devices and the quality control of parts for all Divisions. The Device Technology Division is responsible for the LHD and the LHD peripheral devices with the exception of heating devices and diagnostic devices. The Plasma Heating Technology Division has responsibility for the ECH system, the ICRF system, and the NBI system. The Diagnostic Technology Division develops, operates, and maintains all diagnostic devices, and the Control Technology Division has responsibility for the central control system, the cryogenic system, the current control system, and the NIFS network. The number of staff is 46 engineers and 12 part-time workers. We take care of the development, the operation, and the maintenance of the LHD and its peripheral devices with about 46 operators.