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Division for Health and Safety Promotion

Safety Management

Sufficient safety facilities, a strict management system and wide information disclosure will be provided for deuterium experiments. The environmental radiation dose rate can be seen on the NIFS website at any time.

Radiation data available on the NIFS website
The picture above shows the radiation monitoring points across the NIFS premises. The numbers indicate the latest data, which is updated every 10 minutes. Click an icon, and you will see a record of the radiation amount for that day.

Safety Management

The Division of Health and Safety Promotion is devoted to preventing work-related accidents, to ensuring safe and sound operation of machinery and equipment, and to maintaining a safe and healthful environment for researchers and technical staff. The division is composed of ten offices, as shown in the image below.

Further, the Division of Health and Safety Promotion is involved in environmental safety, environmental hydraulics monitoring, radiation monitoring, safety education, and radiation training. An industrial physician and health and safety management supervisors also patrol the work areas. The Committee of Health and Safety discusses and recommends any safety, health, and environmental issues in order to improve the appropriate safety management.