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Collection of Contributions from NIFS to the 25th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference

OV/2-3 K. Ida Overview of transport and MHD stability study and impact of magnetic field topology in the Large Helical Device
OV/4-4 M. Kobayashi 3D effects of edge magnetic field configuration on divertor/SOL transport and optimization possibilities for a future reactor
EX/2-1 S. Inagaki Dynamic Method to Study Turbulence and Turbulence Transport
EX/7-3 H. Kasahara Progress of High-Performance Steady-State Plasma and Critical PWI issue in the LHD
EX/10-3 M.Osakabe Indication of bulk-ion heating by energetic particle driven Geodesic Acoustic Modes on LHD
EX/P6-25 K. Mukai Development of Impurity Seeding and Radiation Enhancement in the Helical Divertor of LHD
EX/P6-26 N. Ohno Plasma structure change and intermittent fluctuation near magnetic island X-point under detached plasma condition in LHD
EX/P6-27 M. Yokoyama Comprehensive understandings of energy confinement in LHD plasmas through extensive application of the integrated transport analysis suite
EX/P6-28 I. Murakami Development of Quantitative Atomic Modeling for Tungsten Transport Study Using LHD Plasma with Tungsten Pellet Injection
EX/P6-29 S. Ohdachi Pressure Driven MHD Instabilities in Intrinsic and Externally Enhanced Magnetic Stochastic Region of LHD
EX/P6-30 M. Yoshinuma Abrupt Reversal of Convective Flow of Carbon Impurity during Impurity-Hole Formation on LHD
EX/P6-31 K. Fujii Study of Neutral Hydrogen Transport in LHD Core Plasmas Based on High Dynamic-Range Balmer-a Spectroscopy
EX/P6-32 S. Sudo Study of Transport Characteristics of Multiple Impurities Depending on the Impurity Source Location in LHD
EX/P6-33 M. Shoji Studies of Dust Transport in Long Pulse Discharges in the Large Helical Device
EX/P6-34 T. Shimozuma Optimization of High Harmonic ECRH Scenario to Extend a Heating Plasma Parameter Range in LHD
EX/P6-35 Y. Narushima Experimental Observation of Response to Resonant Magnetic Perturbation and Its Hysteresis in LHD
EX/P6-36 X.D. Du Resistive Interchange Mode destabilized by Helically Trapped Energetic Ions and its Effects on Energetic Ions and Bulk Plasmas
EX/P6-37 S.Sakakibara  Characteristics of MHD Instabilities Limiting Beta Value in LHD
EXC/P7-36 T. Kobayashi Edge plasma dynamics during L-H transition in the JFT-2M tokamak
TH/6-2 K. Ichiguchi Three-dimensional MHD Analysis of Heliotron Plasma with RMP
TH/7-1 Y. Todo Multi-phase Simulation of Alfvén Eigenmodes and Fast Ion Distribution Flattening in DIII-D Experiment
TH/P1-12 H. Wang Simulation Study of A New Kind of Energetic Particle Driven Geodesic Acoustic Mode
TH/P5-17 H. Miura Two-fluid effects on pressure-driven modes in a heliotron device
TH/P6-38 S. Murakami Integrated Heat Transport Simulation of High Ion Temperature Plasma of LHD
TH/P6-39 G. Kawamura Transport simulation analysis of peripheral plasma with the open and the closed LHD divertor
TH/P6-40 A. Ishizawa Electromagnetic Gyrokinetic Analysis of Turbulent Transport in Finite-Beta LHD Plasmas
TH/P7-37 Y. Suzuki 3D plasma response to resonant external magnetic perturbation and its impact on fast ion con nement in JT-60SA plasmas
TH/P7-9 M. Nunami Reduced Model for Gyrokinetic Turbulent Transport in Helical Plasmas
FIP/P5-3 T. Seki ICRF Heating Experiment using the Faraday Shield Less Antenna and New High Power Antenna in LHD
FIP/P7-16 T. Goto Integrated Physics Analysis of Plasma Operation Control Scenario of Helical Reactor FFHR-d1
FIP/P8-21 N. Yanagi Design and Development of High-Temperature Superconducting Magnet System with Joint-Winding for the Helical Fusion Reactor
FIP/P8-28 M. Emoto Development and Successful Operation of the Enhanced-Interlink System of Experiment Data and Numerical Simulation in LHD
FIP/P8-31 T. Akiyama Conceptual design of high resolution and reliable density measurement system on helical reactor FFHR-d1 and demonstration on LHD
MPT/1-3 A.M. Ito Molecular Dynamics and Density Functional Simulations of Tungsten Nanostructure Formation by Helium Plasma Irradiation
MPT/1-4 A. Hasegawa Neutron Irradiation Effects on Grain-refined W and W-alloys
MPT/P7-36 D. Kato Super-Saturated Hydrogen Effects on Radiation Damages in Tungsten under High-Flux Divertor Plasma Irradiation
PPC/2-1 K. Nagaoka Integrated discharge scenario for high-temperature helical plasma on LHD
Bilateral Collaboration
OV/3-1 H. Azechi Fast Ignition Realization EXperiment (FIREX) and Prospect to Inertial Fusion Energy in Japan
EX/P1-36 H. Zushi Determination of the system function for the particle circulation process using perturbation technique in QUEST
EX/P1-37 K. Hanada Investigation of progression from low to high hydrogen recycling during long duration discharges on a spherical tokamak, QUEST
EX/P1-38 H. Idei Fully Non-inductive Current Drive Experiments using 28 GHz and 8.2 GHz Electron Cyclotron Waves in QUEST
EX/P1-39 Kishore Mishra Self Organization of High βp Plasma Equilibrium with an Inboard Poloidal Null Sustained by Fully Non-inductive Current Drive in QUEST
EX/P4-26 S. Ohshima Observation of a Toroidally Symmetrical Electric Field Fluctuation with Radially Elongated Structure in Heliotron J
EX/P4-27 S, Yamamoto External Control of Energetic-ion-driven MHD Instabilities by ECH/ECCD in Heliotron J Plasmas
EX/P4-28 S. Kobayashi Parallel flow dynamics and comparison with neoclassical transport analysis in NBI plasmas of Heliotron J
EX/P4-29 T. Mizuuchi A New Operation Regime for High-Density Plasma in Heliotron J
FIP/2-2Rc T. Imai Development of Over 1 MW and Multi-Frequency Gyrotrons for Fusion
FIP/P8-10 Y. Nakashima Development of Divertor Simulation Research in the GAMMA 10/PDX Tandem Mirror
International Collaboration
EX/1-3 T.E. Evans Comparative Studies of Static Edge Magnetic Islands in DIII-D and LHD
EX/P3-47 M.W. Jakubowski Infuence of Magnetic Perturbations on Particle Transport in magnetic fusion devices