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Collection of Contributions from NIFS to the 26th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference

OV/1-1 Y. Takeiri Extension of Operational Regime of LHD towards Deuterium Experiment
OV/P-8 K. Ito Hysteresis and Fast Timescale in Transport Relation of Toroidal Plasmas
TH/P1-4 K. Ichiguchi Three-dimensional numerical analysis of interaction between plasma rotation and interchange modes
TH/P1-5 H. Miura Two-fluid sub-grid-scale viscosity in nonlinear simulation of ballooning modes in a heliotron device
TH/P2-2 M. Nakata Multispecies ITG-TEM Driven Turbulent Transport of DT Ions and He-ash in ITER Burning Plasmas
TH/P2-3 M. Nunami Anomalous and Neoclassical Transport of Hydrogen Isotope and Impurity Ions in LHD Plasmas
TH/P2-21 S. Murakami Integrated Simulation of Deuterium Experiment Plasma in LHD
TH/P4-11 H. Wang Simulations of Energetic Particle Driven Geodesic Acoustic Mode and Global Alfvén Eigenmode in 3D LHD Equilibrium 
TH/P6-17 H. Hasegawa Impurity Transport Caused by Blob and Hole Propagations
TH/6-2 A. Ishizawa Multimachine Analysis of Turbulent Transport in Helical Systems via Gyrokinetic Simulation
PPC/1-1 H. Takahashi Extension of Operational Regime in High-Temperature Plasmas and Effect of
ECRH on Ion Thermal Transport in the LHD
EX/4-4 S. Sakakibara Extension of High-beam Plasma Operation to Low Collisional Regime
EX/P6-19 N. Ashikawa Comprehensive Analysis of Metal Dust Particles in JET-ILW, and Impact on Fusion Reactor
EX-P6-49 Y. Hamada Observation of KBM, MTM in JIPPT-IIU tokamak plasmas using a heavy ion beam probe
EX/7-2 T. Oishi Observation of Carbon Impurity Flow in the Edge Stochastic Magnetic Field Layer of Large Helical Device and its Impact on the Edge Impurity Control
EX/P8-1 Y. Yoshimura Progress of Steady State Operation Using RF Heating in the LHD
EX/P8-2 T. I. Tsujimura Impact of the LHD Peripheral Region and the Magnetic Axis Shift on Optimal On-Axis ECRH Injection for High-Electron-Temperature Plasmas
EX/P8-3 G. Motojima Global Particle Balance and its Relationship with the Plasma Wall Interaction Emerging in Long Pulse Discharges on the Large Helical Device
EX/P8-4 Y. Nakamura Strong Suppression of Impurity Accumulation in Steady-State Hydrogen Discharges with High Power NBI Heating on LHD
EX/P8-5 X. Huang Formation of Impurity Transport Barrier in LHD Plasmas with Hollow Density Profile
EX/P8-6 B. Peterson Experimental Observations and Modelling of Poloidal Asymmetries in Radiation
Profiles during N 2 Seeding Compared with Ne Seeding in LHD
EX/P8-7 K. Ida Flow Damping Due to the Stochastization of Magnetic Field in Large Helical Device
EX/P8-8 Y. Narushima Observations of sustained phase shifted magnetic islands from externally imposed m/n = 1/1 RMP in LHD
EX/P8-9 T. Tokuzawa Magnetic Island Formation in Locked-Like Mode in Helical Plasmas
EX/P8-10 S. Ohdachi Observation of the Ballooning Mode that Limits the Operation Space of the High-Density Superdense-Core Plasma in the LHD
EX/P8-11 K. Tanaka Improvements of Ion Energy Confinement in Helium Rich Plasma of LHD
EX/P8-12 X. D. Du Stabilization of the Helically Trapped Energetic Ions Driven Resistive Interchange Mode by On-Axis Electron-Cyclotron Heating in a Helical Plasma 
EX/P8-13 T. Ido Abrupt Excitation of Intense Geodesic Acoustic Mode in the LHD
EX/P8-14 D. Kato Observation of Visible Forbidden Lines of Tungsten Highly Charged Ions in LHD Core Plasmas and its Application to Ion Distribution Analysis 
EX/P8-15 T. Kobayashi Analysis of Higher Harmonics on
Bidirectional Heat Pulse Propagation Experiment in Helical and Tokamak Devices
EX/P8-39 T. Goto Development of a Real-Time Simulation Tool towards Self-Consistent Scenario of Plasma Startup and Sustainment on Helical Fusion Reactor FFHR-d1
FIP/1-4 M. Kisaki Progress of Experimental Study on Negative Hydrogen Ion Production and Extraction
FIP/P4-7 H. Nakanishi High-Performance Data Transfer for Full Data Replication between ITER and the Remote Experimentation Centre
FIP/P4-37 M. Tokitani Fabrication of Divertor Mock-Up with ODS-Cu and W by Improved Brazing
FIP/P4-41 Y. Hatano Japan-US Joint Research Project PHENIX (2013–2018); Heat Transfer Tests, Neutron Irradiation and Postirradiation Examinations for Development of He-Cooled Tungsten Divertor
FIP/P7-2 J. Miyazawa REVOLVER-D: The Ergodic Limiter/Divertor Consisting of Molten Tin Shower Jets Stabilized by Chains
FIP/P7-11 N. Yanagi Helical Coil Design and Development with 100 kA HTS STARS Conductor for FFHR-d1
FIP/P7-35 M. Yokoyama Extended Capability of the Integrated Transport Analysis Suite, TASK3D-a, for LHD Experiment, and its Impacts on Facilitating Stellarator-Heliotron Research
FIP/3-4Ra A. Sagara Two Conceptual Designs of Helical Fusion Reactor FFHR-d1A Based on ITER
Technologies and Challenging Ideas 
FIP/3-4Rb  H. Hashizume Development of Remountable Joints and Heat Removable Techniques for
High-temperature Superconducting Magnets
FIP/3-4Rc K. Takahata Lessons Learned from the Eighteen-Year Operation of the LHD Poloidal Coils Made from CIC Conductors
FNS/P5-8 K. Ogawa Investigation on Irradiation Effects on Highly Integrated Leading Edge Electronic Components of Diagnostics and Control Systems for the LHD Deuterium Operation
MPT/P5-19 Y. Nobuta Effects of Modified Surfaces Produced at Plasma-Facing Surface on Hydrogen Isotopes and Helium Release Behaviour in the LHD
MPT/P5-21 T. Nagasaka Development of Dissimilar-Metals Joint of Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthened (ODS) and Non-ODS Reduced-Activation Ferritic Steels
MPT/P5-23 A.M. Ito BCA-KMC Hybrid Simulation with Meta-Modelling for Hydrogen Dynamic Retention in Tungsten Material
International Collaboration
EX/1-4 O. Schmitz Enhancement of Helium Exhaust by Resonant Magnetic Perturbation Fields
EX/P5-1 A. Dinklage The Effect of Transient Density Profile Shaping on Transport in Large Stellarators and Heliotrons