H. Sanuki


Studies on Wave Analysis and Electric Field in Plasmas

Date of publication:

July 1997

Key words:

radial electric field, stability analyses, neoclassical and anomalous transports, plasma rotation, tokamak and helical systems


Some aspect of the theoretical and experimental acitivities in the problems associated with radial electric field in toroidal plasmas are surveyed. The present lecture consists of the two parts . The first part is oriented to the brief review of the stability theories to analyze the micro-instabilities in an inhomogeneious plasma and also to the effect of radial electric field on these instabilities and fluctuation -induced anomalous transport. The second part overviews the theoretical models to determine selfconsistently the radial electric field and the loss fluxes in toroidal plasmas and the cooperative mechanism among the electric field, loss of energetic particles, anomalous transport(bipolar) and oonfinement characteristics is also discussed. Experimental observations and related theories on plasma rotations in both past and existing toroidal devices such as tokamaks, stellarators and heliotron/torsatron are revisited and also are briefly reviewed. Comparison is made between theoraical predictions and experimental observations particularly in the NBI and ECH plasmas of the Compact Helical System(CHS) and the Wendelstein VII-A(WVII-A) devices.

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