(Ed.) M. Tanaka


Structure Formation and Function of Gaseous, Biological and Strongly Coupled Plasmas

Date of publication:

Sep. 1999

Key words:

hot (gas) plasma, strongly coupled plasma, biological plasma, molecular machinery, charged polymers, DNA folding, hydrogen-bond network in water , rotating magnetoplasma, magnetic reconnection, solar-terrestrial physics


The word "plasma" can refer either to a biological fluid in living cells or to a high-temperature ionized gas in space and fusion studies ( Webster New World College Dictionary, 3rd. edition). The objective of the series of lectures in this proceedings is to find the cross-disciplinaly relationships of these two kinds of plasmas, which are usually never discussed in a single workshop. However, it has been found that strongly coupled laboratory plasmas, charged polymers, DNA/RNA threads in living organisms, and hydrogen-bond networks in water are all closely related under Coulombic interactions. Furthermore, from a technical point of view, particle (i.e., kinetic) and fluid descriptions are common to solar-terrestrial, fusion, and biological investigations of plasmas. Both technical aspects and applications in these wide areas of plasmas are presented in this proceedings.

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