(Eds.) T. Fujimoto, P. Beiersdorfer


Proceedings of The Japan-US Workshop on Plasma Polarization Spectroscopy and The Fourth International Symposium on Plasma Polarization Spectroscopy

Date of publication:

July 2004

Key words:

proceedings, Japan-US workshope, polarization spectroscopy, international symposium


The international meeting on Plasma Polarization Spectroscopy (PPS) was held at Kyoto University during February 4-6, 2004. This Proceedings book includes the summaries of the talks given in that meeting. Starting with the Overview talk by Csanak, the subjects cover: x-ray polarization experiments on z-pinches (plasma foci), and an x-pinch, a laser-produced plasma in a gas atmosphere, an interpretation of the polarized 1leftarrow 0 x-ray laser line, polarization observation from various laser-produced plasmas including a recombining phase plasma, a report on the on-going project of a laser facility, several polarization observations on magnetically confined plasmas including the Large Helical Device and an ECR plasma, a new laser-induced fluorescence diagnostic method. On atomic physics side given are: various polarization measurements on EBIT, precision spectroscopy on the TEXTOR, user-friendly atomic codes. Instrumentation is also a subject of this book.

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