B. Wan and K. Toi (Eds.)


Proceedings of JSPS-CAS Core University Program Seminar on Production and Steady State Confinement of High Performance Plasmas in Magnetic Confinement Systems, 27-29 July, 2005, Hefei, China

Date of publication:

Sep. 2005

Key words:

advanced fusion reactor, magnetic confinement systems, improved confinement regimes, long time sustainment of plasma, MHD stability, high beta plasma and plasma collapse, edge plasma control and divertor, advanced heating methods, advanced plasma diagnostics for burning plasma.


The JSPS-CAS Core University Program (CUP) seminar on °»Production and steady-state confinement of high performance plasmas in magnetic confinement systems°…was held from 27 July to 29 July 2005 in Institute of Plasma Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China. This seminar was organized in the framework of CUP in the field of plasma and nuclear fusion. About 50 persons including 20 Japanese attendees attended this seminar. Long time sustainment of high confinement and high beta plasmas is crucial for realization of an advanced nuclear fusion reactor. This seminar was motivated to summarize the results of CUP obtained in four years activities of CUP, and to extract crucial issues to be resolved near future, which must drive near and mid- term collaborations in the framework of CUP.

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