H. Sanuki


SOKENDAI Lecture Series "Mathematics for Physics" Selected Topics on Nonlocal Analysis of Plasma Waves and WKB Method (Lecture Series-II)

Date of publication:

Apr. 2007

Key words:

Linear plasma waves (electrostatic and electromagnetic modes), local and nonlocal dispersion relations, nonlocal stability analyses, integral equation in K-space, WKB methods, direct numerical integration method, saddle point method of integration, asymptotic behavior near turning points, temperature gradient instabilities (sheared slab and toroidal ITG, ETG, SWING and SWETG)


In this series of lectures, an attempt giving an introductory presentation of a variety of complementary methods and viewpoints that may be used in the study of broad spectrum of linear and nonlinear phenomena is presented. The organization of this series of lectures consists of the three perspectives such as (1) mathematical tools of nonlinear phenomena, (2) plasma wave analyses, WKB Method and related Topics in inhomogeneous plasma, and (3) topics associated with the bifurcation phenomena in plasmas. Second, selected topics on nonlocal analyses of plasma wave and WKB (Wentzel- Kramers- Brillouin) method in inhomogeneous plasma are presented in this article (Lecture Series=II).

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