(Eds.) F. Koike and C. Dong


JSPS-CAS Core University Program Seminar Proceedings of Japan-China Joint Seminar on Atomic and Molecular Processes in Plasma, Oct. 8 - 12, 2007, Dunhuang, China

Date of publication:

Mar. 2008

Key words:

atomic processes, plasma spectroscopy, excitation, ionization, recombination, charge transfer, X-ray, polarization spectroscopy, atomic database, tokamak, divertor, LHD, molecular processes, atomic structures, radiative recombination, di-electronic recombination


As one of the activities of JSPS-CAS Core University Program, Japan-China Joint Seminar on Atomic and Molecular Processes in Plasma was held on October 8 - 12, 2007 in Dunhuang, China. The total number of the officially registered participants was 41, in which 12 from Japan, 25 from China, and 4 from EU. And this seminar is an extension of the last seminar that was held on March 6 - 11, 2004 in Lanzhou, China.
In the nuclear fusion plasma, there are quite a variety of atomic processes such as ionization, excitation, radiative recombination, non-radiative recombination (di-electronic recombination, collisional electron transfer), cascade radiation, and cascade Auger decay over the wide range of plasma temperature. The knowledge of such processes is indispensable for the evaluation and improvement of the plasma properties, which is desirable to be investigated by international collaboration groups. The present seminar constitutes one of such activities to realize the above stated aim; especially it has given an opportunity for the collaborative workers to illustrate their achievements.

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