(Eds.) D. Li, Y. Kishimoto, Z. GAO and Y. Tomita


Proceeding of JSPS-CAS Core University Program (CUP) Seminar on Modeling of Theory and Simulation of Fusion Plasmas August 30 - September 2, 2010 Beijing, CHINA

Date of publication:

Jan. 5, 2011

Key words:

turbulent transport, plasma turbulence, geodesic acoustic mode, zonal flow, tearing mode, chaotic magnetic field, SOL/divertor plasma, MHD simulation, integrate modeling, particle simulation, Monte Carlo simulation, molecular dynamics simulations, dust particle


The JSPS-CAS Core University Program (CUP) seminar on "Modeling of Theory and Simulation of Fusion Plasmas" was held in Peking University, Beijing, China, from August 30 through September 2, 2010. This seminar was organized in the framework of the CUP in the field of plasma and nuclear fusion. This year is the final year of the CUP on Fusion and Plasma. One special talk and 26 oral talks were presented in the seminar including 11 Japanese attendees. This seminar included timely and very interesting reviews and discussions of: (1) progress in theory, simulation and integrated modeling of fusion plasmas; (2) newly experimental results closed related with present theoretical interest; (3) present status of collaboration research activities and new ideas for post-CUP collaboration. The meeting consisted of 26 oral presentations, which covered the following topical areas: (1) Turbulence and transport; (2) MHD equilibrium and stability; (3) Peripheral plasma behaviors. Several future collaboration researches were proposed in this seminar.

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