(Eds.) P. Fu, Y. Song, T. Mito and S. Yamada


Proceeding of JSPS-CAS Core-University Program (CUP) on Superconducting Key Technology for Advanced Fusion Device, October 18-21, 2010, Xi’an, P.R . China

Date of publication:

Mar. 7, 2011

Key words:

Superconducting Key Technology, Advanced Fusion Reactor, ITER related technology, LTS superconductor, HTS Applications, Cryogenic system, EAST, LHD, JT-60SA.


The JSPS-CAS Core University Program (CUP) seminar on ”Superconducting Key Technology for Advanced Fusion Device” was held in Xi’an, China from October 18 to 21, 2010. This seminar was organized in the framework of the CUP in the field of plasma and nuclear fusion. This seminar honored by NIFS and ASIPP is aim to have a wide discussion on the new application and achievements on superconducting technology of nuclear fusion reactor. The superconducting technology on fusion reactor involves the fields on high current superconductor and magnet, quench protection, current control, cooling of the magnet, and reliability of large scale refrigerator. The technology on ITER high temperature superconductor current leads and the conductor test of JT-60SA are discussed in this seminar. Thirty-four oral talks and two summary talks were presented in this seminar. Total number of the participants was 34, including 12 Japanese participants.

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