D. A. Gates, C. Baylard, J. Baumgaertel, M. Bitter, A. Boozer, H.-S. Bosch, T. Brauer, T. Brown, M. Cole, D. Darrow, T. Dodson, P. J. Fogarty, M. Goto, W. Guttenfelder, R. Haange, G. Hammett, J. H. Harris, P. Heitzenroeder, K. Hill, K. Ida, M. Isobe, T. Klinger, R. Konig, L.-P. Ku, S. Lazerson, D. R. Mikkelsen, S. Morita, H. Neilson, K. Ogawa, N. Pablant, N. Pomphrey, A. Reiman, S. Sakakibara, R. Sanchez, C. Skinner, B. Stratton, Y. Suzuki, K. Tanaka, L. Wegener, A. Werner, R. Wolf, P. Xanthopoulos, H. Yamada, M. Yosinuma, M. Zarnstorff


Overview of the US collaborative program in stellarator experiments

Date of publication:

Nov. 2010

Key words:

22 IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, ICC/P4-01


The US collaborative program in stellarator experiments is summarized, including results from and contributions to both W7-X and LHD. Specific results from LHD include: equilibrium reconstruction, diagnostic development, fast particle physics, and high beta research. These research topics reflect areas of strength for the US program and also are areas of synergy with the priorities of the LHD research activity. Recent results from each of these areas will be presented including: lost fast-ion data during Alfvenic activity, analysis of beta limiting instabilities, and progress towards data based equilibrium reconstruction. Contributions to W7-X, which is still under construction, are dominated by fusion engineering activities. These activities include: design of and assembly plans for the installation of the high temperature superconducting leads for the modular coils on W7-X, and detailed collision analysis of installations of cooling lines within the W7-X cryostat. These activities, along with plans for the future, will be presented in the context of the goals of a reconfigured US experimental stellarator program.

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