M. Nunami, R. Kannno, S. Satake H. Takamaru, H. Sugama and M. Okamoto


Neoclassical Transport Analysis around An m/n = 1/1 Magnetic Island

Date of publication:

Mar. 2007

Key words:

neoclassical transport, Large Helical Device, magnetic island, Monte-Carlo simulation


In order to analyze neoclassical transport phenomena in/around a magnetic field configuration with an m/n = 1/1 magnetic island, where m is a poloidal mode number and n a toroidal mode number, we are developing a new neoclassical transport simulation code KEATS. It is based on the delta f method in Eulerian coordinates, i.e., a so-called helical coordinate system. Because the code does not assume existence of nested flux-surfaces, it has an advantage of treating the plasma transport phenomena in a three dimensional complicated magnetic field structure including islands. Radial profile of heat flux for ions is evaluated under effect of the Coulomb collisions in the magnetic field configuration. We find that because of the existence of the island the radial heat flux becomes larger than one in a magnetic configuration having nested flux surfaces.

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