Y. Tomita, R. Smirnov, T. Takizuka and D. Tskhakaya


Effect of Oblique Magnetic Field on Release Conditions of Dust Particle from Plasma-Facing Wall

Date of publication:

Aug. 2007

Key words:

Dust, divertor plasma, electric field, oblique magnetic field


Effects of oblique magnetic field on release condition of a spherical dust particle from a plasma-facing vertical wall is studied analytically. The magnetic presheath and the Debye sheath are coupled to obtain the plasma quantities and the electric field at the wall, which are necessary to analyze the release condition. It is clarified that for the deeper potential drop inside the Debye sheath than the floating one the critical radius for release increases as the magnetic field approaches parallel to the wall. The smaller dust than the critical one can be released from the wall. On the other hand in the case of the shallower potential drop the critical radius disappears at some angle of the oblique magnetic field. From this analysis we find that the size of the released dust particle can be controllable by adjusting the plasma parameters such as plasma density and temperature as well as biasing the wall potential.

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