S. Inagaki, N. Tamura, T. Tokuzawa, K. Ida, T. Shimozuma, S. Kubo, Y. Nagayama, K. Kawahata, S. Sudo, A. Komori, K. Itoh, S.-I. Itoh and LHD Experimental Group


Radial Interaction in Dynamic Heat Transport of LHD Plasmas

Date of publication:

Oct. 2008

Key words:

21 IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, EX/P5-10


The radial interaction of heat transport is clarified by cross-correlation between electron heat flux and electron temperature gradient in LHD. Correlations between the heat transport dynamics and the radial structures of turbulence are also investigated. The existence of a turbulence modulator is discerned by using the conventional reflectometry signals. The amplitude of high frequency (> 100kHz) density fluctuations is modulated with low frequency (< 5 kHz) in edge-core coupled plasmas. The electron cyclotron emission signals suggest the amplitude modulator has a long distance radial correlation.

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