A. Fujisawa, S. Ohshima A. Shimizu, H. Nakano, H. Iguchi, K. Itoh, S. Okamura, K. Matsuoka, T. Minami, Y. Yoshimura, K. Nagaoka, C. Takahashi, S. Nishimura, M. Isobe, C. Suzuki, T Akiyama, CHS group


Oscillatory Zonal Flows Driven by Interaction between Energetic Ions and Fishbone-like Instability in CHS

Date of publication:

Oct. 2008

Key words:

21 IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, EX/P8-1


Nonlinear evolution of magneto-hydro-dynamic (MHD) oscillatory phenomenon driven by the interaction with energetic particles has been studied in CHS using twin heavy ion beam probes. The measurements have provided the fine observation of internal structure of plasma quantities, such as electric field, density and magnetic field distortion during a cycle of the MHD phenomenon. The finding of a new kind of oscillating zonal flow driven by interaction between energetic particles and MHD modes should be emphasized for burning state plasmas since the resultant shear of electric field could reach a sufficiently large level to affect the turbulence transport in burning plasmas of the next generation.

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