M. Sato, K.Y. Watanabe, Y. Nakamura, A. Fukuyama, S. Murakami, S. Toda, M. Yokoyama, H. Funaba, S. Sakakibara, S. Ohdachi, H. Yamada, N. Nakajima


Study of MHD stability beta limit in LHD by hierarchy integrated simulation code

Date of publication:

Oct. 2008

Key words:

21 IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, TH/P9-18


The beta limit by the ideal MHD instabilities (so-called ¡ÈMHD stability beta limit¡É) for helical plasmas is studied by a hierarchy integrated simulation code. A numerical model for the effect of the MHD instabilities is introduced such that the pressure profile is flattened around the rational surface due to the MHD instabilities. The width of the flattening of the pressure gradient is determined from the width of the eigenmode structure of the MHD instabilities. It is assumed that there is the upper limit of the mode number of the MHD instabilities which directly affect the pressure gradient. The upper limit of the mode number is determined using a recent high beta experiment in the Large Helical Device (LHD). The flattening of the pressure gradient is calculated by the transport module in a hierarchy integrated code. The achievable volume averaged beta value in the LHD is expected to be beyond 6%.

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