M. Osakabe, T. Ito, R. Seki, S. Murakami1, M. Yoshinuma, K. Ida, K. Y. Watanabe, Y. Matsumoto, M. Kobayashi, A. Bustos3, F. Castejon3, M. Isobe, S. Kobayashi, K. Ogawa, K. Toi, Y. Takeiri, and LHD group Evaluation of Fast-Ion Confinement with Three Dimensional Magnetic Field Configurations on the Large Helical Device


22 IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, EXW/P7-22

Date of publication:

Nov. 2010

Key words:

22 IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, EXW/4-3Rb


The fast-ion confinement properties with the three dimensional magnetic field components are investigated by using the FICXS-diagnostics on LHD. The dependence of fast-ion confinement properties on the Fourier-components of magnetic fields are evaluated by changing the axes of magnetic configuration. The experimental observation qualitatively agrees with the theoretical prediction by GNET. This implies tPhe improvement of fast-ion confinement with the reduction of the sideband components. On the other hand, the improvement of fast-ion confinement with the toroidal mirror components was not observed clearly by the experiment although this might be due to the limitation of observation area with the observation geometry.

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