Sensing and Intellectualization Unit

Research Summary

In the "Sensing and Intellectualizing Technology (S&I)" unit, innovative methods of measurement, analysis, and expression will be integrated to realize a new system for understanding nature.

Advanced instruments will expand the measurement area with unprecedented multi-spatial and multi-temporal resolution. Those acquired data will be analyzed using statistical mathematics and data science, which are complementary to the conventional physical perspective, to extract the maximum amount of information. Finally, various phenomena and data are converted into visual, auditory, tactile, and other information to elucidate interactively the complex structures and correlations hidden within the data.

By advancing these series of research methods, we will tackle the unresolved issues in fusion science.


Fusion Science

  • Plasma diagonostic
  • High temporal and spatial resolution
  • Velocity distribution function
  • Turbulence and oscillation measurement
  • Plasma control
  • Environmental radioactivity
  • Radiation measurement
  • Remote experiment


  • Data assimilation control
  • Statistical and mathematical modeling
  • Data-driven
  • Laser and optics
  • Optical vortex
  • Regulatory Science
  • Informatics for visualization
  • Open science
  • Geochemistry
  • Environmental science

Unit Members

UEHARA, Hiyoriorcid Research Fields Optics, Laser
EMOTO, Masahikoorcid Research Fields Machine learning, Database
ODACHI, Satoshiorcid Research Fields Image measurement, Data science
OHTANI, Hiroakiorcid Research Fields Visualization informatics, Simulation techniques
SAKAKIBARA, Satoruorcid Research Fields Magnetic fluid dynamics, Plasma fluctuation
SAZE, Takuya Research Fields Radiation science, Regulatory science
TAKEMURA, Yukiorcid Research Fields MHD fluctuation measurement and analysis
TANAKA, Kenji Research Fields Turbulence measurement, Turbulence driven transport analysis, Laser measurement
TANAKA, Masahiroorcid Research Fields Isotope science, Geochemistry and environmental science
NAKANISHI, Hideyaorcid Research Fields Open science, Fusion cloud data infrastructure
PETERSON, Byron Research Fields Plasma metrology
MUKAI, Kiyofumiorcid Research Fields Image measurement, Peripheral plasma
YOKOYAMA, Masayukiorcid Research Fields Statistical mathematics and data-driven research on fusion plasmas
WATANABE, Kiyomasaorcid Research Fields MHD disruption analysis, Transport analysis
YASUHARA, Ryoorcid Research Fields Laser engineering, Laser application, Plasma measurement
SHI, Quan Research Fields Plasma and laser microstructure formation, Random laser


Sensing and Intellectualization Unit
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