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(unit: JPY)
Room Type Number Payment Rates
Short-term/single room 8 rooms monthly rate
(over 9nights)
daily rate 2,700yen
Long-term/single room 24 rooms monthly rate
(over 9nights)
daily rate 3,000yen
Twin room 2 rooms monthly rate 36,100yen
daily rate (2 people/per person)
(upto and including 9 nights)
daily rate (single use)
(upto and including 10 nights)
One bedroom apartment 2 apartments monthly rate
(over 11nights)
daily rate 4,600yen
Two bedroom apartment 2 apartments monthly rate
(over 13nights)
daily rate 6,200yen

◎In the case of a consecutive stay by a visitor to NIFS, the total amount of the charge will be the lower price, either the daily rate or the monthly rate.
◎If you plan to stay for 1month or longer (from the date when you move in to the day before the date of the following month) in advance, a monthly fee at the lower line in parentheses (tax-exempt value) is applicable.
◎Expenses for electricity, water, and gas are included in the room charge.

Oct. 1, 2019

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