Since the establishment of the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) in 1989, the International Toki Conference (ITC) has been held annually focusing on topics in plasma physics and controlled fusion.
 The 13th ITC will be held from December 9th to 12th, 2003 at the Ceratopia Toki (Toki) with the subject "Progress in Plasma Theory and Understanding of Fusion Plasmas".
 Many scientists interested in these topics are welcome to attend the 13th International Toki Conference.

1. Topics
 Recent remarkable progress in fusion plasma research has been associated with the steady development of theoretical and simulation methods. These techniques have yielded reliable physical models that form the basis of extensive quantitative and qualitative estimates for complex plasmas possessing an abundance of non-linearity in highly non-equilibrium open systems. The aim of this international conference is to review progress in theoretical and simulation approaches on plasmas, as well as progress in the understanding of fusion plasmas, and to show the wide interrelationships between fusion research and scientific research on complex many-body systems.
 This conference highlights theory, simulation and experimental studies on plasma and fusion, and focuses on the following topics:

 In conjunction with this conference, we will also hold the Memorial Symposium for the late Professor Masahiro Wakatani of Kyoto University and Australia-Japan Workshop on "Plasma Theory and Simulation".

2. Place
 Ceratopia Toki Conference Hall
 Takayama 4, Tokitsu-cho, Toki-shi, Gifu-ken 509-5121 JAPAN

 December 9th (Tue) to 12th (Fri), 2003

 The working language for the conference is English.

5. Registration
 All attendees must register electronically on our web site: On-line registration will be available soon.

6. Presentation Format
 All invited talks and some contributed papers selected by the Program Committee will be given as oral presentations. Other contributed papers will be presented in poster format.

7. Abstract
 Authors are required to submit a one-page abstract no later than August 31, 2003, through on-line submission on the web site. The paper should contain an original and previously unreported work on any of the conference topics. The abstract should be sufficiently detailed in describing the purpose of the work and the obtained results. The Program Committee will select the papers on the basis of the submitted abstracts. Authors will be notified on acceptance of abstracts and assignment of their papers into sessions by the end of September. The accepted abstracts will be bound as a booklet and distributed to all participants during the Conference. They will be exhibited on our web site as well. Kindly refrain from including figures and graphs in the abstract. Submission of abstracts by fax is not acceptable. On-line submission of the abstract will be available on this web site soon.

8. Publication of Proceedings
 The papers submitted to this conference will be reviewed by referees. The accepted papers will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research. The acceptance of the abstract does not guarantee publication in the Proceedings. The Proceedings will be distributed to all participants.
 The format of the paper will be announced from the web site to all contributors upon acceptance of the abstract, together with detailed information on the presentation. The deadline for the paper submission is December 9, 2003; the authors are requested to submit their completed paper to the submission desk at the Conference.

9. Registration Fee
 The registration fee is 15,000 yen per person, including banquet, proceedings and conference materials. The fee for students is 10,000 yen. The registration fee for accompanying persons is 5,000 per person. Only Japanese yen is acceptable at the conference registration desk.
 The participants need to make the payment at the registration office on the first day of the conference.

10. Accommodation
 We have reserved several hotels near Toki City for participants of the Conference. The hotel information will appear in the web site by the end of July and the electronic hotel reservation will be possible there. The deadline for hotel reservations is October 31. Room assignments will be made on a first-come first-served basis. In case of cancellation, 10 days' advance notice to the conference secretaries is required.

 The conference hall 'Ceratopia Toki' is located about 0.4km away from Toki-shi station on the Japan Railway (JR) Chuo-line. For the convenience of the participants, limited shuttle buses linking the hotels and the Conference hall will be provided during the Conference. A detailed map and timetable will be available on our web site.

12. Programs and Future Information
 The scientific program of the Conference and all future information related to the Conference will be available on the web site.

13. Visa
 In the case that you need a visa to enter Japan, the Conference Secretaries will provide an official invitation letter to obtain the entry visa. The Visa Application Form will be available on the web site. Please fill in and return the Visa Application Form to the conference secretary by airmail or fax no later than September 30, 2003. A printed form is strongly suggested since a handwritten form often leads to mistakes in the paper work. Please note that it takes more than a half-a-month to get a Japanese visa after applying at the Japanese Consulate.

Organizing Committee*
O.Motojima (Chairperson)
M.Inutake(Tohoku Univ.), S.Matsuda(JAERI), T.Cho(Tsukuba Univ.), Y.Ogawa(Univ.Tokyo), T.Sato (Earth Simulator Center), S.Takamura(Nagoya Univ.), A.Fukuyama (Kyoto Univ.), K.Mima (Osaka Univ.), H.Zushi (Kyushu Univ.), T.Hayashi, T.Kamimura, O.Kaneko, K.Kawabata, A.Komori, K.Matsuoka, T.Mito, N.Noda, K.Ohkubo, N.Ohyabu, M.Okamoto, S.Sudo, M.Tsuji, T.Uda, K. Yamauchi

Program Committee*
Z.Yoshida (Chairperson, Univ. Tokyo)
Y.Kishimoto (JAERI), H.Hojo (Tsukuba Univ.), S.Iio (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Y.Ohsawa(Nagoya Univ.), S.Hamaguchi (Kyoto Univ.), H.Takabe (Osaka Univ.), K.Kusano (Hiroshima Univ.), S.-I.Itoh (Kyushu Univ.), T.Hayashi, K.Ichiguchi, K.Itoh, A.Komori, K.Matsuoka, N.Nakajima, M,Okamoto, H.Sanuki, H.Sugama, Y.Todo, R.L.Dewar(Australia), J.Q.Dong(China), J.Nuehrenberg(Germany), W.M.Tang(U.S.A.), J.W.Van Dam(U.S.A.)

Executive Committee*
T.Hayashi (Chairperson)
T.Akiyama, H.Chikaraishi, K.Ichiguchi, M.Inukai, R.Ishizaki, A.Ishizawa, M.Isobe, Y.Ito, K.Itoh, T.Kamimura, R.Kanno, N.Kasuya, N.Katada, M.Kokudai, H.Miura, R.Miyake, N.Nakajima, C.Namba, Y.Narushima, M.Nishiura, M.Okamoto, B.Peterson, K.Saito, H.Sanuki, S.Satake, M.Sato, K.Seo, M.Shoji, H.Sugama, A.Suzuki, S.Takeuchi, S.Toda, J.Todoroki, K.Tsukada, O.Yamagishi, M.Yokoyama, K.Y.Watanabe, T.Watanabe, T.H.Watanabe, I.Yamada, T.Yamamoto, Y.Yoshimura

*NIFS in the case of no indication of affiliation.

Key Dates
Deadline for one-page abstract      
Notification of acceptance
and visa application                        Sep.30
Registration and hotel reservation  Oct.31
Deadline for paper Dec. 9

Web site
Updated information on this conference is available on the web site:
Please contact the following conference secretaries in case you may have problems connecting with our web site and/or the on-line functions do not work.

Conference Secretaries
National Institute for Fusion Science
322-6 Oroshi-cho, Toki, Gifu 509-5292, Japan
T. Hayashi, H. Sanuki, H.Sugama
Fax: +81-572-58-2630