Ceratopia Toki

Second Announcement

15th International Toki Conference

"Fusion & Advanced Technology"

Ceratopia Toki

Toki-City, Gifu-ken, JAPAN

December 6 – 9, 2005


The 15th International Toki Conference (ITC-15) will be held at the Ceratopia Toki, Toki-City, Gifu-ken, Japan from December 6 to 9, 2005 under the title `` Fusion and Advanced Technologies''. As celebrating the establishment of our institute, National Institute for Fusion Science, the conference has been initiated in 1989 and held annually since then. The conference program format consists of plenary sessions, invited talks, oral and poster presentations.


ITC-15 is the international conference for discussion and presentation of research activities related to fusion. This year, the conference focuses on the science and engineering required for experimental fusion devices and related advanced technologies such as, superconductivity, cryogenics, fusion reactor systems. The working language of ITC-15 is English. Papers accepted after usual review process will be published in a special issue of international journal Fusion Engineering and Design.



Ceratopia Toki Conference Hall
Toki-City 509-5121, Gifu-ken, JAPAN


December 6th (Tue) to 9th (Fri), 2005


The working language of the conference is English.


All attendees are requested to register electronically on the web site: http://itc.nifs.ac.jp/ . On-line registration will be available soon. October 31, is the deadline for early registration.


The Program Committee will select the papers to be delivered as plenary talks, invited talks, oral and poster presentations.


Authors were requested to submit on-line one-page abstract by August 31, 2005. The abstract submission is now closed. The paper should contain original and previously unreported work on the conference topics. The abstract should be sufficiently detailed in describing the aim of the work and the obtained results. The Program Committee will select the papers on the basis of the submitted abstracts. Authors will be notified on acceptance of abstracts and assignment of their papers into sessions by September, 30. The accepted abstracts will be bound as a booklet and distributed to participants at the Conference. They will be posted on the Conference web site as well.


The papers submitted to this conference will be reviewed by referees. Papers accepted after usual review process will be published in a special issue of international journal Fusion Engineering and Design published by Elsevier. The Proceedings will be distributed to all participants. The acceptance of the abstract does not guarantee publication in the Proceedings. Detailed instructions for preparation of the papers will be posted on the web site and sent to all contributors upon acceptance of the abstract, together with the information on the presentation method. The deadline for full paper submission is December 6, 2005. The authors will be requested to submit the camera ready papers at the Conference desk.


The registration fee of 15,000 yen per participant covers the attendance, conference materials and Proceedings, coffee breaks and the banquet. The fee for students is 10,000 yen. An additional banquet ticket is 5,000 yen. The participants need to make the payment at the Conference registration desk on the first day of the conference. Only payments in Japanese yen (no credit cards or checks) will be accepted.


We have reserved rooms at special conference rates at several hotels near Toki City for participants of the Conference. The hotel information appears on the web page and on line hotel reservation will be made possible, soon. The deadline for hotel reservation is October 31. Room assignments will be made on a first-come first-served basis. The cancellation policy is explained in the hotel reservation form.


The Conference Hall 'Ceratopia Toki' is located about 0.4km away from Toki-shi station on the Japan Railway (JR) Chuo-line. For the convenience of the participants, limited shuttle buses linking the hotels and the Conference Hall will be provided during the conference. A detailed map and timetable is already available on our web site at: http://itc.nifs.ac.jp/directions15.html


In case that you would need a visa to enter Japan, the Conference Secretariat will provide an official invitation letter to obtain the entry visa. The Visa Application Form can be downloaded from the web site. Please, fill in and return the Form to the Conference Secretary no later than October 7, 2005. A printed form is strongly suggested since a handwritten form often leads to mistakes in the paper work. Please note that it normally takes more than two weeks to get a Japanese visa after applying at the Japanese Consulate.


Osamu Motojima (Japan, Chair), Jean-Luc Duchateau (France), Kazuo Funaki (Japan), Takataro Hamajima (Japan), Takaya Hayashi (Japan), Tomoaki Hino (Japan), Takeshi Ishigohka (Japan), Osamu Kaneko (Japan), Kazuo Kawahata (Japan), Peter Komarek (Germany), Akio Komori (Japan), Gyung-Su Lee (Korea), Jiangang Li (P.R. China), John Miller (USA), Joseph V. Minervini (USA), Toshiyuki Mito (Japan), Takashi Mutoh (Japan), Nobuaki Noda (Japan), Yuichi Ogawa (Japan), Nobuyoshi Ohyabu (Japan), Masao Okamoto (Japan), Kiyoshi Okuno (Japan), Fumimichi Sano (Japan), Mamiko Sasao (Japan), Motoyasu Sato (Japan), Yogesh Saxena (India), Takakazu Shintomi (Japan), Shigeru Sudo (Japan), Osami Tsukamoto (Japan), Tatsuhiko Uda (Japan), Friedrich Wagner (Germany), Kenji Yamauchi (Japan), Naoaki Yoshida (Japan)


Akio Sagara (Japan, Chair), Chang-Ho Choi (Korea), Arnaud Devred (France), Kazuo Funaki (Japan), Takataro Hamajima (Japan), Tomiyoshi Haruyama (Japan), Reinhard Heller (Germany), Shinsaku Imagawa (Japan), Takeshi Ishigohka (Japan), Ryuji Maekawa (Japan), Norikiyo Koizumi (Japan), Farrokh Najmabadi (USA), Nobuaki Noda (Japan), Takayoshi Norimatsu (Japan), Yuichi Ogawa (Japan), Kohnosuke Sato (Japan), Felix Schauer (Germany), Silvester Takacs (Slovak Republic), Kazuya Takahata (Japan), Takao Takeuchi (Japan), Kenji Tobita (Japan), Songtao Wu (China)


Toshiyuki Mito (Chair), Yamato Asakura, Naoko Ashikawa, Hirotaka Chikaraishi, Shinji Hamaguchi, Keiji Hirano, Takeshi Ido, Satoshi Ido, Shinsaku Imagawa, Tomoyuki Inoue, Atsushi Ito, Akifumi Iwamoto, Ryuji Maekawa, Takaaki Matsuoka, Yasuo Morita, Sadatomo Moriuchi, Sadatsugu Muto, Takuya Nagasaka, Nobuaki Noda, Akio Sagara, Toshihiro Sakaguti, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hiroyuki Sakaue, Motoyasu Sato, Milos Skoric, Yasuhiro Suzuki, Kazuya Takahata, Masao Takeuchi, Naoki Tamura, Hitoshi Tamura, Katsuyoshi Tsumori, Satona Urushihara, Shunsuke Usami, Shuichi Yamada, Osamu Yamagishi, Nagato Yanagi, Yasuo Yoshimura


Shinsaku Imagawa (Chair)

National Institute for Fusion Science
322-6 Oroshi-cho, Toki, Gifu 509-5292, Japan



The Conference web site and the contact address are as follows.

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