Instructions for abstract Preparation and submission

 ● Only PDF files are accepted.
 ● The abstract must be written in English.
 ● The maximum length including figures and references is one page.
 ● The paper size is standard
A4 portrait.
 ● All margins are 2.5 cm wide.
 ● Title is typed in Times font, 14pt, bold face, centered.
 ● Author(s) are typed in Times font, 12pt, normal face, centered.
 ● Underline the author who will make the presentation.
 ● Affiliation(s) are typed in Times font, 11pt, italic face, centered.
 ● E-mail address of submitting author is typed in Times font, 11pt, normal face, centered.
 ● Body of abstract is typed in Times font, 12pt, normal face, justified left and right.
 ● Abstract may include figures. A caption should be attached to each figure typed in Times font,
    11pt, normal face.
 ● Color pictures are accepted for the electronic abstract collection, but the Book of Abstracts
    will be printed in black and white. Please ensure the legibility of pictures without color.
 ● Equation numbers must be in parentheses and placed flush with the right-hand margin.
 ● List and number all references at the end of the abstract. When referring to them in the text,
    type the corresponding reference number between brackets, like [1].
 ● Authors are responsible for the content and style of the contribution.
 ● No editing or re-typing will be carried out by the Local Organizing Committee.
    The contributions will be reproduced without reduction or modification.
 ● A limited number of papers from the contributed abstracts will be selected by the
   International Program Committee for oral presentation.

 ● Sample of one-page abstract (PDF Format) [ 12Kbytes ]
    for “Microsoft Word” users [ 40Kbytes ]
    for TeX users [2.5Kbytes ]

Abstract submission page closed.