PL-01 U. Stroth The physics of flows and turbulence in fusion plasmas
PL-02 K. Kusano Competition and synergy of macro-and micro-scale physics
R-01 Y. Takeiri Recent development in the operational regime of Large Helical Device toward a steady-state helical fusion reactor
T-01 J.N. Talmadge Transport in a quasisymmetric plasma: Results from HSX
T-02 K. Ida Inter-linkage of transports and its bridging mechanism
I-01 E. Ascasibar Effect of rotational transform and magnetic shear on confinement
I-02 B.D. Blackwell Alfvén range instabilities in H-1 -characterisation, mode structure, and relation to rational surfaces
I-03 L.M. Kovrizhnykh Stability and variation of plasma parameters in the L-2M Stellarator by exciting induction current in ECR heated plasma
I-04 R. Sakamoto Properties of internal diffusion barrier in high density plasmas on Large Helical Device
I-05 N. Asakura Influence of X-point position on H-mode transition in tokamak plasmas
I-06 Y. Feng Comparative divertor-transport study for W7-AS and LHD
I-07 M. Kobayashi On transport characteristics of the edge ergodic layer of LHD
I-08 H. Sugama Gyrokinetic studies of ion temperature gradient turbulence and zonal flows in helical systems
I-09 H.E. Mynick Zonal flows in 3-D toroidal confinement systems
I-10 R. Matsumoto Global simulations of turbulence and dynamos in differentially rotating astrophysical plasmas
I-11 M.G. Shats Suppression of turbulence by mean flows in two-dimensional fluids
I-12 S. Inagaki Transport dynamics and multi-scale coupling of turbulence
I-13 K.Y. Watanabe Confinement study on the reactor relevant high beta LHD plasmas
I-14 R. Sanchez SIESTA: an Scalable Island Equilibrium Solverfor Toroidal Applications
I-15 M. Yoshida Physics mechanisms of toroidal rotation profile and properties of momentum transport in JT-60U
I-16 P. Garabedian Theory of stellarators and tokamaks in three dimensions
I-17 K. Nagasaki ECCD experiments in Heliotron J, TJ-II, CHS and LHD
I-18 K.J. McCarthy Comparison of impurity transport in different magnetic configurations
I-19 A. Fujisawa Zonal flows and fields generated by turbulence in CHS
I-20 F. Tabarés Impact of lithium-coated walls on plasma performance in the TJ-II stellarator
I-21 C.D. Beilder Transport modeling for W7-X on the basis of W7-AS experimental results
I-22 A. Sagara Design Integration toward Optimization of LHD-type Fusion Reactor FFHR
I-23 M.C. Zarnstorff Evolutionary development of an ignited toroidal fusion reactor
O-01 S.F. Knowlton Stability of current-driven discharges in the compact toroidal hybrid helical experiment
O-02 T. Mizuuchi Studies of configuration control effects on dynamic behavior of Heliotron J plasmas
O-03 A. Pedrosa Experimental studies and modelling of edge shear flow development in the TJ-II stellarator
O-04 Y. Xu Overview of flow and turbulence studies on TEXTOR
O-05 F. Castejon Searching for a flux-expansion divertor in TJ-II
O-06 K. Itoh Nonlinear competition between zonal flows and geodesic acoustic modes
O-07 W. Guttenfelder Modeling of anomalous transport in ECRH plasmas at HSX
O-08 T. Oishi Bispectral analysis of harmonic oscillations measured using beam emission spectroscopy and magnetic probes in CHS
O-09 T. Kaneko Effects of superimposed parallel and perpendicular flow velocity shears on drift-wave instabilities in magnetized plasmas
O-10 V.I. Maslov Strong shear formation by poloidal chain of magnetic islands
O-11 K. Nagaoka Ion heating experiments using perpendicular neutral beam injection in the Large Helical Device
O-12 M. Yoshinuma Observation of toroidal flow on LHD
O-13 G.H. Neilson Status of the NCSX project