@Scope of the Conference
@The Joint Conference of 17th International Toki Conference (ITC) on Physics of Flows and Turbulence in Plasmas and 16th International Stellarator/Heliotron Workshop (ISHW) 2007 will be held in Toki, Japan, by the National Institutes for Fusion Sciences (NIFS). The NIFS has organized the ITC as an annual meeting for fusion related sciences since its establishment in 1989. The series of Stellarator Workshops is organized biennially in the framework of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Implementing Agreement on the Stellarator Concept. Since the Large Helical Device, which has embodied the heliotron concept, is continuing to play the important role in the magnetic fusion community, we retouch the title of this workshop.
@While ISHW16 covers all aspects of fusion research of helical systems and related concepts, ITC17 will emphasize an attractive theme "Flows and Turbulence" which is seen widely in nature and the importance of which is also becoming remarkable in research on magnetic confined plasmas. Since those conferences are combined in this year, two new ingredients will be included, i.e. the multidisciplinary session on "Flows and turbulence in plasmas" and the special sessions on topics which are particularly relevant in the stellarator line.

1. Flows and turbulence in plasmas
2. Recent experimental projects
3. Transport and confinement improvement
4. MHD equilibrium and stability
5. Turbulence and transport
6. Particle and power handling
7. Divertors and impurity control/transport
8. Plasma heating
9. Diagnostics
10. Configuration optimization
11. New devices
12. Reactor studies