The LOC has organized two tours for participants, which can be booked from the Registration page. These tours will depart from conference site on Thursday afternoon just after lunch (1.30 pm) and will take about 4 hours. 650 JPY per person is necessary for the ticket of the museum.

 1. Hiroshige museum of art and Tsumago
 2. NIFS technical tour and Hiroshige museum of art

Hiroshige Museum of Art, Ena

Hiroshige Ando (Utagawa) was a famous Ukiyo-e (woodblock) artist in 19th century Japan. One of his masterpieces is the series of landscapes, "The Sixty Nine Stations of the Kiso-kaido". The Kiso-kaido (Nakasen-do) was a highway in the Edo-period (17th-19th centuries) connecting Edo (old Tokyo) with Kyoto. The stations had lodges and simple restaurants where travelers could spend the night and get a meal. There were some stations in the area near Toki. In this museum, you can appreciate "The Sixty Nine Stations of the Kiso-kaido" and other beautiful Ukiyo-es.


Tsumago is an old station on the Kiso-kaido (Nakasen-do). Hiroshige painted the landscape of Tsumago as the 43rd station in "The Sixty Nine Stations of the Kiso-kaido". The delightful main street, which is closed to traffic, contains a variety of wooden and plaster Edo-style inns, houses, temples and shrines, with the surrounding, forested mountains as a spectacular back-drop.

NIFS technical tour

We introduce you the Large Helical Device (LHD) and other facilities at NIFS.