List of hotels

The transportation between the hotels and conference site will be the responsibility of the participants

OUSTAT International Hotel

Hotel Route-Inn Toki

Hotel "TONO" (in Japanese)

Hotel Route-Inn Tajimi Inter

Business Hotel PLENTY (in Japanese)

Tajimi Sun Hotel (in Japanese)

My Room KOYOH (in Japanese)

Riverside KOYOH (in Japanese)

Northern Valley Tajimi (Weekly-Sho) (in Japanese)

Toki Plaza Hotel (in Japanese)

Business Hotel Toki (in Japanese)

Family lodge HATAGOYA Toki (in Japanese)

Mizunami Plaza Hotel (in Japanese)

Lion Prince Hotel (in Japanese)

Mizunami Sun Hotel (in Japanese)

Yamagami Onsen Yunomotokan (in Japanese)

Tsurusato Resort Hotel (in Japanese)

Hasshoen Yumotokan (in Japanese)

Iwamitei (in Japanese)

Ryouzan (in Japanese)

Pension Passage (in Japanese)

Shin-Byakko (in Japanese)

Imaiya (in Japanese)

Suigetsukan (in Japanese)

Daikokuya (in Japanese)