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3rd Nov.  PL - 1 N.J. Fisch Pushing Particles with Waves: Current Drive and Alpha Channeling
 I - 1 M. Osakabe Current status of the LHD project and its prospect for deuterium experiment
 I - 2 K. Itoh Non-equilibrium and Extreme State of Plasmas
 I - 3 M. Shiratani Plasma assisted enhancement of agricultural yield
 I - 4 K. Kitano Innovative medical technology in plasma disinfection of human body with low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasmas
~ the reduced-pH method and the plasma-treated water (PTW) ~
 O - 1 H. Saitoh Recent status of the PAX and APEX projects toward the formation of electron-positron plasma
 O - 2 M. Sato An Application of Fusion Oriented Neutrons for Transmutations of Long Life Fission Products
4th Nov.  PL - 2 M. Ono Spherical Tokamaks and Fusion Energy Development Path
 I - 5 H. Meyer Research towards operation with tolerable ELMs on European Tokamaks
 I - 6 H. Tamura Design status of structural components of helical fusion reactor FFHR-d1
 I - 7 M. Sakamoto Hydrogen recycling in the divertor simulation plasma on GAMMA 10/PDX
 I - 8 Y. Ueda Interactions of tungsten plasma facing material with edge plasma
 I - 9 B. Unterberg Research on Plasma Wall Interaction Facilities for Fusion Reactors
 O - 3 Y. Ueki Velocity profile measurement of lead-lithium duct flow by ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry
 O - 4 A. Kimura Impacts of Material Innovation on Advanced Blanket Design
 I - 10 A. Kasugai Progress of Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator in Rokkasho
 O - 5 H. Shishido Discussion on the effect of NaF on physical properties of Flinabe in comparison to Flibe from molecular dynamics simulations
 O - 6 H. Etoh Experimental and numerical study of H- production in DC H- source of medical cyclotron
5th Nov.  PL - 3 J-M. Noterdaeme Innovations that make the Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequency Power suitable for Fusion Reactors
 I - 11 S. Murakami Predictions of Plasma Performance and Fusion Reactions in the Deuterium Experiment Plasma of LHD
 I - 12 G. Serianni The full-size source and injector prototypes for ITER neutral beams
 I - 13 K. Ikeda Recent Studies of Hydrogen Negative Ion Source and Beam Production for NBI in Large Helical Device
 I - 14 N.C. Luhman, Jr. Advances in 2-D Millimeter-Wave Plasma Imaging of Magnetic Fusion Plasmas
 O - 7 B.D. Blackwell Recent results from the H-1 heliac on MHD activity, fluctuations and RF propagation
6th Nov.  PL - 4 H.P. Laqua Commissioning and First Plasma Operation at the Wendelstein7-X Stellarator
 I - 15 M. Nunami Progress of Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulation in Helical Plasmas
 I - 16 C.Z. Cheng Kinetic physics of magnetic reconnection in collisionless plasmas
 I - 17 Y. Miyoshi Geospace Exploration Mission: ERG
 I - 18 T. Minea Magnetized plasma modelling: common approach interesting for fusion and processing plasmas
 O - 8 N. Sato Self-Organization and Heating by Inward Diffusion in Magnetospheric Plasmas
 I - 19 K. Nishiyama Development and Initial Cruise Operation of the Hayabusa2 Ion Engine System
 I - 20 M. Tendler The origin and the impact of stochasticity resulting from edge localized perturbations
 Summary T. Mutoh Summary of ITC25