Second Announcement and Final Call for Papers

9th International Toki Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion (ITC-9)

- New Frontiers in Plasma Physics-

December 7 - 11, 1998
Ceratopia Toki Conference Hall, Toki City, Japan
Organized by The National Institute for Fusion Science

"International Toki Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion (ITC)" was initiated in 1989 when the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) was established. Since then, the ITC has consecutively been held each year at Toki City. Each year's conference has focused on a concurrent fusion/plasma theme of the year. "New Frontiers in Plasma Physics" is chosen as the main theme of this year's ITC (ITC-9).

Plasma is a typical many-body medium exposed to surroundings from which excitation is given and into which entropy is expulsed. This many-body interaction and openness of the system easily bring the medium into a far-from-equilibrium state wherein self-organizing adaptive evolution is being played. Towards the 21st century, in Science as well, a new era is clearly dawning, which is undoubtedly connected with nonlinearity, openness and non-equilibration of a system. In this direction, Plasma Physics bears a viable potentiality to take a leadership in opening up New Frontiers in Science. For example, highly advanced computer simulations in plasma physics have already taken a step forward towards this direction.

The Organizing Committee would like to encourage participation in this conference of as many scientists as possible; scientists who are interested in non-equilibrium open systems, not only in fusion plasmas but also in any related field such as astrophysics, space physics, fluid dynamics, earth science, molecular dynamics, life science, human science, etc. Not only computer scientists and theorists, but experimentalists are also welcome to participate.


The Conference will be held on December 7-11, 1998 at Ceratopia Toki Conference Hall in Toki City ( 4 Takayama, Tokitsu-cho, Toki 509-5121, Japan, Tel: +81-572-54-2120, Fax:+81-572-54-2204 ) which is located near Nagoya. On December 7 the registration desk will be open.


The working language of the Conference is English.


If you are planning to submit papers or to attend the Conference, please fill in and return the attached Registration Form to the conference secretary. E-mail and WWW addresses are also available for quicker communication. Those who have already made the Preliminary Registration need to make this Registration also. The registration fee is 20,000 yen including banquet, proceedings and conference materials. The fee for a student is 15,000 yen. Early registration fee (Deadline: October 9, 1998) is 15,000 yen (10,000 yen for a student). The fee for only the banquet to be held on December 9 is 8,000 yen. Only Japanese yen is acceptable at the conference registration desk.


The presenting authors are required to submit one-page abstracts not later than August 31, 1998. The paper should contain original and previously unreported work on any of the topics listed above. The abstract should be detailed enough in describing the purpose of the work and the results obtained. Kindly refrain from including figures and graphs in the abstracts. The selection for acceptance will be made by the Program Committee. The authors of the accepted papers will be notified before September 30, 1998. The abstracts of the accepted papers will be bound as a booklet and distributed to all participants during the Conference. They will also appear in the WWW.

1. The one-page abstract should be typed in English on an A-4 size (21 cm x 29.5 cm) white paper with a full 2.5 cm margin on all four sides.
2. Title, author(s), affiliation(s) with address(es) and an e-mail address should be centered on the top of the text.
3. The text should be typed using 11 or 12 pt. with one-and-half spacing between lines. Please leave one line between the title and the author(s), and three lines between the affiliation(s) and the text.

Please send the abstract in TeX format or plain text format to the conference secretary by e-mail ( ) or airmail. A sample of the TeX format can be downloaded from the WWW. Submission of abstracts through fax is not acceptable.


The selection of contributions for oral as well as poster presentations will be made by the Program Committee which reserves the right of assignment to specific sessions. The presenting author is requested to submit the complete paper to the program desk during the Conference. Detailed instructions for presentation and the complete paper will be sent to the authors. The submitted papers will be reviewed for scientific content and published as Proceedings, which will be sent to all participants after the Conference.


There will be several invited papers at the Conference. The aim is to provide overviews of topical subjects or in-depth presentations of outstanding new results by acknowledged experts.


We have reserved a western-style hotel and a Japanese-style inn near Toki City for participants of the Conference. Please fill in and return the attached Hotel Reservation Form to the conference secretary by airmail or fax not later than October 9, 1998. Room assignments will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. In case of cancellation, 10 days' advance notice is required.


Toki City is located 30 km northeast of Nagoya City , and is famous for ceramics and pottery. The Ceratopia Toki Conference Hall is about 0.4 km from the JR Toki-shi Train Station. Detailed information of transportation timetables and area maps will be found in the WWW. For the convenience of the participants, shuttle buses linking the hotels and the Conference Hall will be provided during the Conference.


Participants from developing countries can avail of partial financial support to attend the Conference. Those who will need financial support should indicate in the appropriate box on the Registration Form. The recipients and the amount of financial support will be decided by the Conference Committee and noticed before September 30, 1998.


Foreign visitors planning to disembark at Japan must retain valid passports. A visa will also be required for participants from several countries. The Organizing Committee will provide an official invitation letter to those who need to obtain the entry visa. Please fill in and return the attached Visa Application Form to the conference secretary via airmail or fax not later than August 31, 1998. Please note that it takes more than half-a-month to get a Japanese visa after applying at the Japanese Consulate.


The following satellite meeting of ITC-9 is scheduled:

"Workshop on Physics of High Beta Plasma Confinement in Innovative Fusion Systems,"
December 14 and 15, 1998 at the National Institute for Fusion Science, Toki, Japan
For details, contact : Prof. Shigefumi Okada, Science Secretary,
Plasma Physics Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University,
2-1 Yamada-oka, Suita-city, Osaka 565- 0871, JAPAN
Fax: +81-6-879-7916, E-mail:,


The scientific program of the Conference and all future information relating to the Conference will be seen in the WWW. Participants who are not able to connect with the WWW are requested to indicate in the appropriate box on the Registration Form in order to get them via airmail.


A. Iiyoshi,Chair (NIFS), M. Fujiwara (NIFS), M. Katsurai (Univ. of Tokyo), K. Mima (Osaka Univ.), O. Motojima (NIFS), M. Okamoto (NIFS), N. Sato (Tohoku Univ.), T. Sato (NIFS), M. Wakatani (Kyoto Univ.), Z. Yoshida (Univ. of Tokyo)


T. Sato (Chair), R. Ishizaki, A. Kageyama, T. Kato, T. Kawamoto, R. Kanno, S.Kida, J. Kodaira, H. Sugama, H. Takamaru, A. Takayama, Y. Todo, Y. Tomita, C. Namba, T. Hatori, T. Hayashi, S. Fujiwara, R. Horiuchi, H. Miura, M.Miyazaki, K. Murai, T.-H. Watanabe


Deadline for One-Page Abstract and Visa Application August 31, 1998
Notification on acceptance of papers September 30, 1998
Deadline for Early Registration and Hotel Reservation October 9, 1998
Deadline for Papers December 11, 1998


Prof. Yukihiro Tomita
National Institute for Fusion Science, Toki City 509-5292, Japan
Tel: +81-572-58-2261 or 2246
Fax: +81-572-58-2626
E-mail: ( for abstract: