We are promoting theory and simulation researches on LHD and other toroidal fusion plasmas in order to contribute to realization of fusion energy. Progresses in theory and simulation researches enable us to comprehend physical mechanisms of high-temperature plasmas and predict favorable conditions for fusion reactors.

What's new

Assistant professor Gakushi Kawamura won the 10th NINS Young Scientists Award.
Associate professor Motoki Nakata appeared in the newspaper Asahi Shimbun (morning, June 21, 2020) on the article "Sentanjin".
Associate professor Shinsuke Satake appeared in the newspaper Asahi Shimbun (evening, June 3, 2020) on the article "Gemba-e".
Associate professor Motoki Nakata won "The Young Scientists’ Award in The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)” for his study on “Turbulence suppression mechanisms and improved confinement in magnetically confined high-temperature plasmas”.
Assistant professor Gakushi Kawamura won the Masaji Yoshikawa Memorial Prize for Fusion Energy 2019 for his study "development of 3-D transport model of fusion peripheral plasma based on EMC3-EIRENE code".
Assistant professor Motoki Nakata won the 14th (2020) Young Scientist Award (Division 2 , Plasma) of the Physical Society of Japan for his study of turbulent transport and isotope ion mass effects in magnetically confined plasmas. [References: Motoki NAKATA, Tomo-Hiko WATANABE and Hideo SUGAMA, "Nonlinear entropy transfer via zonal flows in gyrokinetic plasma turbulence", Physics of Plasmas, vol. 19, 022303 (2012). / Motoki NAKATA, Masanori NUNAMI, Hideo SUGAMA and Tomo-Hiko WATANABE, "Isotope effects on trapped-electron-mode driven turbulence and zonal flows in helical and tokamak plasmas", Physical Review Letters, vol. 118, 165002 (2017). / Motoki NAKATA, Mitsuru HONDA, Maiko YOSHIDA, Hajime URANO, Masanori NUNAMI, Shinya MAEYAMA, Tomo-Hiko WATANABE and Hideo SUGAMA, "Validation studies of gyrokinetic ITG and TEM turbulence simulations in a JT-60U tokamak using multiple flux matching", Nuclear Fusion, vol. 56, 086010 (2016). ]