Y. Wu, Y.Y.Qi, J. Yan, J.G. Wang, Y. Li, R.J. Buenker and D. Kato


Low Energy Electron Capture in Collisions of C3+ with He

Date of publication:

June 18, 2009

Key words:

ion-atom collision, molecular-orbital close-coupling method, state-selective single electron capture, multi-reference single- and double-excitation configuration interaction


Charge transfer processes due to collisions of ground state C3+(1s22s2S) ions with He atom are investigated using the quantum-mechanical molecular-orbital close-coupling (QMOCC) method for energies between 10-4eV/u and 103eV/u. The ab initio adiabatic potential and radial coupling utilized in the QMOCC calculations are obtained from the multi-reference single- and double-excitation configuration interaction (MRD-CI) approach. Total and state-selective single electron capture (SEC) cross sections and rate coefficients are obtained and compared with the available experimental and theoretical data. Good agreement between the measured SEC cross sections and the present calculation is found, but the previous calculation of total rate coefficient using the Landau-Zener model is one or two orders of magnitude smaller than the present result.

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