K.Shima, N.Kuno, M.Yamanouchi and H.Tawara


Equilibrium Charge Fraction of Ions of Z=4-92 (0.02-6 MeV/u) and Z=4-20 (Up to 40 MeV/u) Emerging from a Carbon Foil

Date of publication:

Jan. 1991

Key words:

charge-distribution, heavy-ion, carbon-foil


Based on recent finding that the variation of charge fractions, mean charges and charge distribution widths with ion energy E and projectile atomic number Z is strongly dependent on the shell structure of ions, systematic reanalysis of the charge distributions of ions has been performed. Graphs are presented for equilibrium charge fractions thus obtained of ions emerging from a carbon foil as a function of E ranging from 0.02 to 6 MeV/u. Each graph pertains to one ion species from Z=4 to 83 and Z=92. Tables of the mean charges and charge distribution widths are also given for each ion species in the same range of Z and E. For fast ions of Z=4 to 20 up to 40 MeV/u, charge fractions of fully stripped ions, H-Iike ions and He-like ions are tabulated.

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