T. Kawamura, T. Ono, Y. Yamamura


Simulation Calculations of Physical Sputtering and Reflection Coefficient of Plasma-Irradiated Carbon Surface

Date of publication:

Aug. 1994

Key words:

physical sputtering, reflection coeffrcient, carbon surface, plasma irradiation, fitting formula, sheath effect


Physical sputtering yields from the carbon surface irradiated by the boundary plasma are obtained with the use of a Monte Carlo simulation code ACAT. The yields are calculated for many random initial energy and angle values of incident protons or deuterons with a Maxwellian velocity distribution, and then averaged. Here the temperature of the boundary plasma, the sheath potential and the angle sigma between the magnetic field line and the surface normal are taken into account. A new fitting formula for an arrangement of the numerical data of sputtering yield is introduced, in which six fitting parameters are determined from the numerical results and listed. These results provide a way to estimate the erosion of carbon materials irradiated by boundary plasma. The particle reflection cocfficients for deuterons and their neutrals from a carbon surface are also calculated by the same code and presented together with, for comparison, that for the case of monoenergetic normal incidence.

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