T. Nishikawa, T. Kawachi, K. Nishihara and T. Fujimoto


Recommended Atomic Data for Collisional-Radiative Model of Li-like Ions and Gain Calculation for Li-like Al Ions in the Recombining Plasma

Date of publication:

Sep. 1995

Key words:

Iithiumlike ions, recombining plasma, soft x-ray laser


We have assessed atomic data for lithium-like ions for the purpose of constructing a reliable collisional-radiative model. We show several examples of the atomic data for aluminum and oxygen ions, and comparison of data from several sources is done in detail. For ions with nuclear charge z, the scaling formulas and fitting parameters, which are based on the data of oxygen ions, are presented. By use of these data, we have constructed two collisional-radiative models: the one for aluminum ions and the one for ions according to the scaling for z. The population inversion and the amplification gain of the soft x-ray laser lines in the recombining aluminum plasma are calculated for several electron temperatures. We also examine the effects of ion collisions for Delta n=0 transitions on the excited level populations.

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