T. Ono, T. Kawamura, K. Ishii and Y. Yamamura


Sputtering Yield Formula for B_4 C Irradiated with Monoenergetic Ions at Normal Incidence

Date of publication:

Apr. 1996

Key words:

physical sputtering, boron carbide, fitting formula, normal incidence, preferential sputtering


To fill a lack in sputtering yield data for a B_4 C material which may be a promising plasma-facing material in fusion devices, yields of H^+, D^+, T^+, He^+, B^+, C^+, Ne^+, Ar^+ and Kr^+ ions were calculated for this multi-component material for normal incidence with a computer simulation code ACAT. A fitting formula of sputtering yield for a B_4C was proposed based on an empirical formula for monoatomic target materials at normal incidence. By fitting the formula to the calculated data, best-fit values of the parameters included in it were derived for the material . Good agreement was found between the formula and the data. Thus, the formula proposed for the multi-component material provides a way to estimate the erosion of a B_4 C material irradiated with above ions at normal incidence. Preferential sputtering for this material was also mentioned briefly.

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