K. Moribayashi and T. Kato


Dielectronic Recombination of Be-like Fe Ion

Date of publication:

Apr. 1996

Key words:

dielectronic recombination rate coefficient, Beryllium-like ion, Fe XXIII ion, energy level, radiative transition probability, autoionization rate, atomic nuclear charge scaling, autoionzation state, Cowan's code, dielectronic satellite spectra


Energy level(E), radiative transition probability(Ar), and autoionization rate(Aa) for Be-like Fe^22+ ion are calculated with use of Cowan's code. Using these atomic data, the dielectronic recombination rate coefficient(alpha) to the excited states and the intensity factor(Qd) of the dielectronic satellite lines have been calculated. The doubly excited states Is^2 3lnl' as well as the Is^2 2pnl of Fe^{22+} ion are considered. The results are given in tables and figures. The n- and l-dependence for Ar, Aa, and alpha is studied. With use of it, Aa and Ar at large n are extrapolated. The dielectronic recombination processes from the Is^2 2pnl and those from the Is^2 3lnl' dominate at low and at high temperature, respectively. The qualitative different behaviors for E, Ar, and alpha between Be-like ions and He-like ions are discussed with use of atomic nuclear charge scaling.

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