U. Safronova, T. Kato and M. Ohira


Dielectronic Recombination Rate Coefficients to the Excited States of CIII from CIV

Date of publication:

July 1996

Key words:

autoionizing level, dielectronic recombination rate coefficient, carbon ion excited states, autoionization rate, radiative transition probabilities, satellite spectra


Energy levels, radiative transition probabilities and autoionization rates for CIII including I s^2 2pnl' (n=2กเ6. I' leq (n- l)) and I s^2 3lnl' (n=3กเ6, I' leq(n- I )) states were calculated by using multi-configurational Hartree-Fock (Cowan code) method. Autoionizing levels above the Is^2 2s and I s^2 2p thresholds were considered and their contributions were computed. Branching ratios on the autoionization rate to the first threshold and intensity factor were calculated for satellite lines of CIII ion. The dielectronic recombination rate coefficients to the excited states for n=2-6 were calculated. The values for the excited states higher than n=6 were extrapolated and the total dielectronic recombination rate coefficients were also derived. The rate coefficients to the exited states were fitted to an analytical formula and the fitting parameters are given.

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