H. Tawara (Ed.)


Present Status on Atomic and Molecular Data Relevant to Fusion Plasma Diagnostics and Modeling

Date of publication:

Jan. 1997

Key words:

divertor plasmas, CR-model, plasma diagnostics, elastic collisions, excitation, ionization, charge transfer, dissociative recombination, surface interactions


This volume contains a series of the reports on the present status on atomic and molecular data relevant to fusion plasma diagnostics and modeling which have been given at "International Symposium on Atomic and Molecular Processes in Fusion Plasmas" held at National Institute for Fusion Science, Nagoya, over September 17 - 19, 1996. The Symposium was organized as one of the satellite meetings for "International Conference on Plasma Physics (ICPP)" held over September 9 - September 13 in Nagoya and was intended to coordinate to exchange information on atomic and molecular as well as surface data need and availability for fusion plasma research among plasma physicists who attended ICPP and atomic and molecular physicists who joined "International Conference on Physics of Highly Charged Ions (HCI)" held over September 23 - September 26 in Ohmiya, Saitama. The main topics during the Symposium were : 1 ) To discuss the need and availability of atomic and molecular collision data and surface data as well as their databases relevant to diagnostics and modeling of fusion plasmas. 2) To emphasize those involving the excited species, which are noted to be particularly important in the gas divertor physics. 3) To discuss how to organize the collaboration between collision physicists who in principle can provide accurate collision data and plasma physicists who need such data The Symposium was opened by the welcoming address of Prof. A. Iiyoshi, Director General of NIFS, followed by 12 lectures and 14 posters, with the participation of about 60 scientists. The editor would like to thank all the contributors who wrote reports on the recent progress and the present status on atomic and molecular data relevant to fusion plasma research. The support by Prof. A. Iiyoshi as well as the staffs of NIFS and PhD students who helped run the Symposium smoothly, in particularly K. Hosaka, F. Krok and T. Imai, is highly acknowledged. The Inoue Foundation for Science (Tokyo) and Daiko Foundation (Nagoya) had provided generous financial support, without which the Symposium could not have been successful.

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