Inga Yu. Tolstikhina


LS-Averaged 1/Z Method as a Tool of Studying the Interactions of Highly Charged Ions with a Metal Surface

Date of publication:

Jan. 1997

Key words:

ion-surface interaction, 1/Z perturbation theory, LS-averaged trsnsition energy, radiative probability, autoionizing width


In the present paper, a new theoretical approach is described for the calculation of the atomic characteristics of the multiply charged ions (MCI) in various electronic configurations. This theoretical approach is based on the perturbation theory using the nuclear charge of the ion as a parameter and the inter electron interaction and relativistic corrections as a perturbation. In order to reduce a large number of the calculations of atomic data for many different electron configurations which may be formed in MCI colliding with a surface, the transition energies, radiative transition probabilities and autoionizing rates are averaged over the orbital and spin quantum numbers. It turned out that these atomic characteristics can be expressed in analytical forms as a function of the number of electrons in different shells of the ions and the suggested method can be applied for the calculation of the atomic characteristics of practically any atomic system with arbitrary number of electrons.

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