K. Moribayashi and T. Kato


Atomic Nuclear Charge Scaling for Dielectronic Recombination to Be-like Ions

Date of publication:

Apr. 1997

Key words:

dielectronic recombination rate coefiicient, Beryllium-like ion, energy level radiative transition probability, autoionization rate atomic nuclear charge scaling autoionzatio state, Cowan's code


The atomic nuclear charge (Z) scaling for the dielectronic recombination (DR) rate coefficient (alpha) to the 0^4+, Ne^6+, Mg^8+, p^ll+, Ar^l4+, Ca^l6+, V^19+, Fe^22+ ions as well as the auger energy (Delta E), the radiative transition probability (Ar), and the autoionization rate (Aa) for the Be-like ions is studied. For the calculation of the energy levels Ar and Aa values, Cowan's code is employed. Not only the doubly excited Is^22pnl states but also the Is^23lnl'(1 = s,p, d) are considered as the autoionization ones. In the DR processes, at low Z, only the Is^22pnl rightarrow Is^22snl and Is^23pnl rightarrow Is2^2snl processes give a significant contribution. While, at high Z, the Is^23s(or d)nl rightarrow Is^22pnl and Is2^2pnl -> Is22pn'l' processes also become important. The dielectronic recombination rate coefficient to the final excited Is^22snl show weak Z-dependence, on the other hand, those to the final excited Is^22pnl states have a strong Z-dependence.

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