I. Murakami, K. Moribayashi and T. Kato


Effect of Recombination Processes on FeXXIII Line Intensities

Date of publication:

May 1998

Key words:

FeXXIII, dielectronic recombination rate coefficient, non-equilibrium ionization plasma, population densities, spectral line intensities, intensity ratios, plasma diagnostics


We have constructed a collisional-radiative model for Be-like Fe ion ( Fe^{22+} ) to calculate the intensities of FeXXIII spectral lines in non equilibrium ionization plasma. In the model we consider levels with n leq 70 and take into account the ionization and recombination processes to/from Fe^{23+} ion. The recombining processes of Fe^{22+} ion had not been considered in detail in models for the spectral lines. We calculate the dielectronic recombination rate coefficients into the excited states with use of the Cowan's code. We examine the effect of radiative cascades from levels with n leq 5 to the population densities and find it is important especially for the recombining plasma. We study the line intensities and the intensity ratios as a function of an electron temperature at an electron density of 10^{14} cm^{-3} for a plasma in non equilibrium ionization with arbitrary ion abundance ratio of Fe^{23+} ion to Fe^{22+} ion. The dielectronic satellite lines and the radiative loss by Fe^{22+} ion are also discussed.

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