Yu. V. Ralchenko, R. K. Janev, T. Kato, D.V. Fursa, I. Bray and F.J. de Heer


Cross Section Database for Collision Processes of Helium Atom with Charged Particles. I. Electron Impact Processes.

Date of publication:

Oct. 2000

Key words:

atomic database, electron impact excitation, electron impact ionization, neutral helium


A comprehensive and critically assessed cross section database for the inelastic collision processes of ground state and excited helium atoms colliding with electrons, protons and multiply-charged ions has been prepared at the Data and Planning Center at NIFS. The present report describes the first part of the database containing the recommended data for electron impact excitation and ionization of neutral helium. All states (atomic terms) with n leq 4 are treated individually while the states with n > 4 are considered degenerate. For the processes involving transitions to and from n > 4 levels, suitable cross section scaling relations are presented. For a large number of electron impact transitions, both from the ground and excited states, new convergent close coupling (CCC) calculations were performed to achieve a high accuracy of the data. The evaluated/recommended cross section data are presented by analytic fit functions which preserve the correct asymptotic behavior of the cross sections. The cross sections are also displayed in a graphical form.

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