R.K. Janev, J.G. Wang, I. Murakami and T. Kato


Cross Sections and Rate Coefficients for Electron-Impact Ionization of Hydrocarbon Molecules

Date of publication:

Oct. 2001

Key words:

Electron-impact ionization, hydrocarbon molecules, dissociative ionization, cross sections, rate coefficients


A critical assessment of available experimental and theoretical cross sections for electron-impact direct and dissociative ionization of hydrocarbon molecules, C_x H_y (x=1-3, 1 leq y leq 2x+2), has been carried out. Recommended cross sections are suggested in the energy range from threshold to 10 keV for those reaction channels for which more than one set of data were found in the literatures. For the molecules for which no cross section information was found available, the cross sections for the dominant ionization channels were derived on the basis semi-empirical cross section relationships. The recommended and derived cross sections are represented by analytic fit functions, the coefficients of which are provided. The rate coefficients for all the ionization channels have been calculated in the temperature range from 1 eV to 1 keV. The cross sections and rate coefficients for all studied ionization channels are presented in graphical form as well.

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