T. Ono, Y. Aoki, T. Kawamura, T. Kenmotsu, Y. Yamamura


An Extended Formula for the Energy Spectrum of Sputtered Atoms form a Material Irradiated by Light Ions

Date of publication:

Oct. 2004

Key words:

Sputtering, erosion, Plasma-Materials interaction, First Wall Materials


We extend a formula proposed by Kenmotsu et al. (hereafter Paper I), which fits with the energy spectrum of atoms sputtered from a heavy material hit by low-energy light ions (H^+, D^+, T^+, He^+) by taking into account an inelastic energy loss neglected in Paper I. We assume that primary knock-on atoms produced by ions backscattered at large angles do not lose energy while penetrating the material up to the surface, instead of the energy-loss model used in Paper I. The extended formula is expressed in terms of a normalized energy-distribution function and is compared with the data calculated with the ACAT code for 50 eV, 100 eV and 1 keV D^+ ions impinging on a Fe target. Our formula fits well with the data in a wide range of incident energy.

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