M.-Y. Song and T. Kato


Dielectronic Recombination of Xe^10+ Ions and Satellite line of Xe^9+ Ions

Date of publication:

Oct. 2005

Key words:

Dielectronic recombination, Satellite line, Xe^10+, Radiative recombination


EUV light sources from compact plasmas are now intensively studied for the next gen-eration of lithography. The multicharged Xe ions emit EUV emission and are now in-vestigated extensively. However we do not know the detailed atomic processes for theXe ions. We study in this paper on dielectronic and radiative recombination processesof Xe ions. We have calculated the energy levels, radiative transition probabilities (Ar),autoionization rates (Aa), and radiative recombination cross section for Xe^10+ ions us-ing the FAC code. The dielectronic recombination rate coefficient(alpha_DR) from the Xe^10+ions and the related dielectronic satellite lines are obtained. We studied the n- and l-dependence for Ar; Aa, dielectronic recombination rate coefficient(alpha_DR) and radiativerecombination rate coefficient(K_rr). The dielectronic recombination processes from the4d^8 + e rightarrow 4d^74f^1nl rightarrow 4d^8nl + hv and the 4d^8 + e rightarrow 4d^75p^1nl rightarrow 4d^8nl + hv becomeimportant at low plasma temperature Te approx 10eV for line intensities. Also, the radiativerecombination rate coefficient is smaller than the values of the dielectronic recombinationprocesses in our interested temperature region at Te = 1eV - 1000eV.

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