K. Okuno


Low Energy Cross Section Data for Ion-molecule Reactions in Hydrogen Systems and for Carge Transfer of Multiply Charged Ions with Atoms and Molecules

Date of publication:

Apr. 2007

Key words:

ion-molecule reaction, charge transfer, multiply charged ions, single-electron capture, multiple-electron capture, cross section, electron beam ion source, ion beam guide,
orbiting effects, Langevin cross section.


Systematic cross section measurements for ion-molecule reactions in hydrogen systems and for charge transfer of multiply charged ions in low energy collisions with atoms and molecules have been performed continuously by the identical apparatus installed with an octo-pole ion beam guide (OPIG) since 1980 till 2004. Recently, all of accumulated cross section data for a hundred collision systems has been entered into CMOL and CHART of the
NIFS atomic and molecular numerical database together with some related cross section data. In this present paper, complicated ion-molecule reactions in hydrogen systems are revealed and the brief outlines of specific properties in low energy charge transfer collisions of multiply charged ions with atoms and molecules are introduced.

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